How to do a great vegan barbecue

Great vegan barbecues start with awesome plant-based meats

Let’s face it: we have all been on classic barbecue parties, and they are always celebrations of excessive meat consumption. The usual image of men gathered around burning coals with beers in their hands, while the women make the salads in the kitchen. But come on, we are 2023! Out with those stereotypes. Those who are willing to try new things in their life can discover how it can be done differently. So how can we make those meat-centered events a bit more contemporary? Plant-based meats is the answer.

vegan butcher barbecue sausage

Quality vegan meats, an indispensable necessity

Every year, in the barbecue season, The Vegan Butcher launches a barbecue pack on the webshop with a selection of vegan barbecue meats. There are colourful skewers with fresh vegetables, spicy merguez sausages, tender filet mignons, Ribs in barbecue sauce and delicious burgers with sundried tomatoes. We also include two big pots of sauce (Cocktail sauce and tartare) because it’s great to dip the vegan meats in the sauce.The meats are specially selected for use on the barbecue, and come already marinated so all you have to do is pop them on the grill. Easy peasy. These vegan meats really stand out from the run-of-the-mill supermarket stuff. They are super tasty, have great nutritional value and are pre-marinated for easy use. If you need to convince stubborn meat eaters, this is the food you should present them.
child eating vegan meat from barbecue

A feast for kids

Yes, kids will love it! We admit it, the vegan meats we make are super-filling. Usually, three pieces of Vegan Butcher meats is really enough for the big eaters among us. Most people will have enough with just two pieces. The texture of our vegan meats is dense and compact. They are robust enough to endure the roughest grill conditions! One tip: they don’t need to stay on the grill for long. Just a couple of minutes per side is enough. They are pre-cooked after all.Grill some veggies on the side for extra fun! We love grilled zucchini and eggplants. Other ideas: grilled corn cobs, halved bell peppers, cherry tomatoes on a stick, a half red onion or asparagus when they are in season. A quick search on the web gives you tons of inspiration. If you don’t feel like making potato salad, just toss some potatoes in the coals, wrapped in some aluminium foil.
vegan ribs on the grill

A plant-based barbecue for your event?

If you have an event planned: a wedding, a birthday party, a yearly collegue get-together, or whatever the occasion, the Vegan Butcher can come to grill for you. We bring the food and the barbecue, and you can just relax. Just bear in mind that the group should be sufficiently large. We charge 40 euro by the hour for our service. A group of twenty people should be the minimum.For smaller groups, we recommend you buy the barbecue pack and grill the meats yourself. There is not really a maximum for events, hundred or two hundred people is no problem. For large groups we rent multiple barbecues and hire extra personnel to grill. No problemo!Now, just let the good weather come, so we can grill! ☀️
vegan butcher at work on the barbecue

Get in touch for a quote, or for any questions regarding the organisation of your event. We can work something out for you. 

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