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Just another day at the office?

A lot of people who work in offices know the feeling: the boredom with office food, always the same flavours and textures. The craving for something different, but what can we order? Usually that task is for office managers, receptionists or event coordinators. They often fear taking on new caterers because of the risk of failure, and the bias towards vegan food.  Better to stick with the old food, right? It’s a constant struggle between boredom and risk aversion. And then there’s also the pressure of sustainability, food intolerances and picky eaters.

Out with the old, welcome to the new

So how can we please our colleagues, our dearest co-workers, our bosses? How can we meet this new sustainability goal? Can we still eat tasty food if it’s plant-based? The answer is: yes. Vegan food is the new kid on the block in office land and plant-based catering is hot. We see a steep increase in diversity of our client portfolio. All companies with a sustainability program or with an intention to increase the plant-based meals at their office order with us. We have now over a hundred clients from all kinds of industries. Ain’t that neat? There is definitely a fresh wind blowing in office world. Clients have become more demanding and request meals that tick all the boxes: sustainable, tasty, colourful, plant-based, diverse, filling and plenty of food.

vegan butcher finger food

It’s all about making a good first impression

I love the moment when people walk in the room and they see a table full of colourful, tasty looking food. You can see the mood changing in a second! After a long day full of meetings, discussions and talks people need to RELAX. What better way to lighten up the spirits with drinks and food? Finger food, canapés, snacks or aperitivo: many names for the same type of small bites of food that go well with drinks and are easy to eat. And popular they are!At the Vegan Butcher we have a whole range of them. Puff pastry rolls, open sandwiches with homemade spreads and toppings, mini-burgers, fresh veggie picks, mini-quiches, and many more. Usually people are delighted and shower us with compliments. The artisanal quality of the food is appreciated!
salads made by the vegan butcher in brussels

A complete meal

Next on the program is the main course: we offer both cold & warm meals that are both tasty and filling. Usually we provide colourful salads with carbs, so they’re also filling. A nutritious bomb! Feeling all healthy we go over to the warm dishes: here we focus on comfort food with capital C. Some of our signature dishes are carbonade (Flemish beer stew), Vol-au-vegan (Belgian creamy sauce with ‘chicken’), a Katsu curry (Japanese sweet curry) or a good Italian lasagna. Nobody leaves the table hungry! We have different formulas to suit everyone’s needs. Our formulas are flexible and we can always add or remove items.
vegan desserts made by the vegan butcher in brussels

The cherry on top

We are the Vegan Butcher, so our core business is plant-based meats and cheeses. Pretty obvious. But we do a mean dessert too! The sweet demon in everyone of us needs to be fed, so we provide several sweet options for our clients. Tartelettes with custard cream, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, tiramisu, chocolate mousse? We got you covered.
meeting at office with drinks and vegan food

No event is complete without drinks. We can provide you Prosecco, red & white wine, juices, soft drinks, Ice tea, water. We can also provide the glasses, plates, cutlery, and any other materials that are needed. We make sure it’s been taken care of so you can relax and focus on your event.

Get in touch

Whether you’re planning the yearly company party, a casual get-together, a formal board meeting, or just a regular office lunch, we got you covered. Get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with the necessary information.

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