Our purpose as a plant-based food creator

As The Vegan Butcher, we like to use our platforms to share with you all the latest launches of new plant-based meats and meals.

And so barbecue season comes with a selection of juicy, ready to grill steaks, sausages and skewers, Christmas arrives with a traditional stuffed roast, cheese fondue or charcuterie board, and Valentine is not complete without a fancy menu inclusive of starters, mains and dessert.

vegan butcher bbq
Photo: our artisanal 'ribs' on the barbecue for a wedding event.

Our purpose as a plant-based food creator

But besides our main activity which you see online – food producer – we are above all a business. As a start-up on its road to the scale-up phase, we also do all those ‘boring’ things that most companies do; you name it: meetings. These are moments when we plan out our strategy and operations moving forward, but we also take the time to remind ourselves what is the reason behind our concept, the core that drives it all from the beginning:
Why is it that we do what we do and how does this contribute to society?
We started the Vegan Butcher with a certainty: Our planet cannot sustain the current dietary habits of its population for much longer. We started wondering… ‘What is then the future of food’?We might not have a magic wand but, from our humble perspective and experience, we see the future of food right at the intersection of purpose and innovation. But let us explain this better.At the Vegan Butcher, purpose is not just a buzzword – it’s the only and true foundation of everything we do. Purpose is the fuel that drives us forward, propelling us towards our goals.
vegan butcher fermented vegetables
Photo: at The Vegan Butcher, we take pride in making our own fermented vegetables

About health and nutrition

In a world which seems now fully absorbed by topics such AI and digitalisation of everything, we dare to shift the focus occasionally from high-tech innovations to the classic beauty and genuine flavours of a whole, plant-based food offer.

Artisanal creations are anything but boring: they combine taste, look and of course nutrition.

We believe there will always be a need to eat simple yet wholesome foods, rich in nutrients and good for us.

We see a growing trend in health topics such as the gut microbiome, which needs a wide array of whole foods to thrive. Becoming healthy is really about making choices: what do you put in your mouth?

The urgency of sustainability

In the post-pandemic scenario, we witnessed among the Organisations and Institutions we have the chance to work with, a common and growing trend: A return to more authentic food choices, that combine sustainability and the ever growing dietary requirements of their guests together with a need for tasty yet healthy food. Needless to say, it makes us proud and very determined to continue our path in this direction.

But what about cell cultured meat? We are excited, grateful and curious to try these alternatives and we believe there is currently a lot of space for all players in the game. Eventually, we are all led by the same purpose: changing the habits of the consumers of the future, for the future.

One thing is certain though: plant-based food is going to play a key role in feeding the generations that come after us.

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