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Brussels is the capital of Belgium and hosts the European Parliament, European Commission, and a plethora of companies and organisations around it. No doubt that there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed! Among those people are a lot of decision makers and people with influence. The world today is faced with a climate crisis and an unprecedented ecocide, so it’s important to reach those decision makers, and make them conscious of what’s important.

A plant-based food system is necessary and crucial towards mitigating climate change, and luckily more and more business people and organisations start to realise that. There are also positive steps companies can make towards reaching the goal of reducing their carbon footprint. Many fly to Brussels for meetings and eat meat during their stay. The former is often unavoidable, but the latter is something we have a solution for: plant-based catering for businesses.

desserts made by the vegan butcher

A plant-based meat experience

People working busy jobs often want nutritious, healthy food, but also value locally produced, sustainable and especially TASTY food. The expectations are high! That’s where we come into the picture. The Vegan Butcher’s Choice provides all that, plus we give people the ‘plant-based meat experience‘. No more boring sandwiches with humus! Often we get the feedback from our clients that their guests didn’t even notice the food was vegan. That means that the craving for meaty textures and flavours is satisfied. Our mission is complete!Our extended mission goes like this: we don’t just aim at providing food. We love to give our clients an experience, something they can talk about and share with others. Food connects us. It’s something we all have in common. We eat every day, but what about the experience? In our catering offer, we like to experiment with new flavours. We develop new vegan meats and vegan cheeses which we use in our catering offer. So there is never a dull moment, even when you order every week.
vegan finger food displayed on a table

Among our clients we have those that order on a regular basis, and we always try to bring them something they didn’t try before. It sparks conversations, brings your colleagues around the table to share their experience. Good food makes people happy.

We have different formulas in  our catering offer. It’s important to choose the right food depending on the type of meeting. We have quick finger food and appetizers that can be enjoyed in a formal setting, but we can also provide a barbecue catering for your annual staff party. Whatever type of meeting, we got you covered.

vegan butcher's choice founders

Get in touch!

Our team at The Vegan Butcher will help you to make your event a success. We have years of experience, and aside from preparing excellent tasty plant-based food, we can also provide you with the materials you need. We can provide compostable paper plates and disposable cutlery, but also porcelain plates and metal cutlery. Everything depends on the type of event and the location of the event.We gladly discuss the details with you, and make sure there is nothing that is forgotten. Don’t hesitate to call us or drop us an email with any question you have!

Are you ready for the  'plant-based meat experience?'

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