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Vegan Butcher's meats and cheeses on your menu

You’re always one step ahead of your competition by including tasty, artisanal, plant-based products on your menu.

We hear you asking yourself: what is Vegan Butcher for horeca? The answer is simple: the Vegan Butcher is one of the only producers of artisanal, high quality and nutritious plant-based products.

As a business owner, you’re always looking to give the best to your customers so they keep returning for more. A smart choice, and that’s why choosing our vegan meat and cheese to include in your menu is a logical decision. Our prices are competitive, the quality always top notch. And as a small producer, we’re flexible towards your needs.

We work with horeca, shop owners, caterers, even foodtrucks! Your customers really notice and appreciate the use of high quality products like ours. A recipe for success!

vegan butcher mozzarella chicago pizzeria

Meet some of our Vegan Butcher star players

vegan butcher's bacon

Vegan Butcher's bacon

Bake it nice and crispy.
Great for an English breakfast (bacon & vegan eggs) Awesome as a burger topping.

vegan butcher black bean burger

Vegan Butcher's Black bean burger

Made from real black beans, soy and wheat gluten, this patty is both healthy and tasty. Makes a great patty for burgers.

vegan butcher's sausages on a wooden board

Vegan Butcher's Italian sausage

Full of herbs and flavour, this sausage has a bite! A loyal companion in many dishes with mediterranean character.

vegan butcher's chorizo

Vegan Butcher's Chorizo

Slice it up and serve it as apero, simple as that. Also great on pizza or crumbled in a Mexican dish.

vegan butcher's mozzarella

Vegan Butcher's mozzarella

Great for Caprese salads, but you can really unlock the flavours by crumbling it on pizza. Say hello to taste!

seitan chunks on a plate

Vegan Butcher's chicken

The most versatile of all, this product can be used in a wide variety of dishes. It has a nice bite to it, also greatly appreciated by omnivores.

Vegan Butcher products on your shelves

Are you a shop owner, and getting a lot of requests from customers for plant-based products? We supply our Vegan Butcher products to your retail outlet. A great way to distinguish your shop from others is by selling high quality artisanal products. 

Our products are best conserved in their vacuüm packaging, but we can also supply packaging-free shops. Get in touch with us for further assistance.

vegan meats in a shop shelf


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Our products are developed to taste great. No doubt about that. It's the prime goal. We deliver consistent taste by sampling the production.


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Our Vegan Butcher team makes small batches of artisanal products, which gives us more control over the quality . It's a world apart from the industrial stuff you find in supermarkets.


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Our products are rich in vegetable proteins and fiber and relatively low in sugar, salt and saturated fats. Our products are also made from whole, natural ingredients.

Get creative

Creativity is important when it comes down to running a successful company. Our team at The Vegan Butcher will side with you and help you decide what products can best fit your menu. Every horeca place has it’s different style, soul, and needs a specific approach to best fit the profile and expectations of the client.

Often, we find ourselves testing, experimenting, and ultimately creating new products for our B2B clients. That’s what we love to do! So don’t hesitate to get in touch and start the dialogue. It might be the start of a fruitful collaboration.

vegan butcher black bean burger with colourful veggies

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