We are Benoit and Federica, Belgo-Italian couple driven by a deep love for animals and a passion for vegan food!

Benoit’s life goal is to end factory farming and he believes we can accomplish this by creating vegan food which excels and outperforms on animal products. “I love creating food. I am an activist at heart, but I believe we can accomplish great things with skilful entrepreneurship by just creating superb plant-based food. The sky is the limit.”

Federica is a creative soul and believes her purpose in life is to give the world something authentic and pragmatic. “Art and compassion are the drivers of my existence and creating vegan food is both a form of compassion (towards animals) and a form of art. I am ready to contribute to a vegan world by winning people’s heart with our delicious products!

Tobias Leenaert – author of ‘How to create a vegan world’

“I Heart Salami” is the best vegan sausage I have ever tasted.


Jacky De Reviere – customer

"The Happy Steak is revolutionary in taste en texture, on top of that it's artisan production, local and not packaged more than necessary."


Martin Thioux – manager of Go Veg shop Liège

For what I can remember I’ve never liked blue cheese. However, I was so impressed by the mild flavour of “Sweet Blue” that I had to keep myself from eating it all to leave some for the others!


Victor Ramos – Plant a pizza
The blue cheese is a winner! Incredible taste, vegans and non-vegans alike can not believe this is a 100% vegan product. A true gem!
Jonathan William Beaton, author of Plant-aardig
Sweet Blue has an authentic blue-cheese flavour and depth, the perfect degree of saltiness and a beautiful creamy texture. This is my vegan 'product of the year'!
Elise De Vos – client
I am super excited about discovering your Melty Mozza! It's what I was missing this whole damn time! Absolutely sublime, who needs dairy still?
Your big vegan sister -blogger
This cheese, this wonder! The best blue I could taste so far! it's plant-based, cruelty-free and it's Belgian!