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We are dedicated people, passionate about vegan food

The Vegan Butcher’s Choice is a young company driven by a small but dedicated team aiming to create top notch products.

All foods sold on our webshop, express-shop, and used in our catering services are hand-crafted with the maximum care.

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Who we are

(from left to right)
Benoit Van den Broeck - Founder
Vegan for almost twenty years, Benoit has an extensive knowledge about vegan food. Benoit has volunteered and worked for various animal organisations and spearheaded several controversial undercover investigations, revealing the horror of slaughterhouses and factory farming in Belgium. He's now on a mission to bring exciting new products to the market, with as big life goal: making the meat industry obsolete.

Federica Boddi - Founder
With a degree in economics Federica’s mind is set on creating a successful business. Federica moved to Belgium in 2014 and has been vegan ever since. After working several years for a number of European lobbies, she decided to capitalise on the knowledge she earned to follow her real dream. Federica is ready to contribute to a vegan world by winning people’s heart with delicious vegan products!”

Jeremy Elias - Cook (aka seitan ninja)
Jeremy has been a loyal contributor towards the Vegan Butcher's mission since the beginning. He has reached ninja-level skills in seitan-making and is always zen in the heat of the moment. A true rock upon which our team can depend! His inspiration and ideas know no limits.

vegan butcher matteo

Matteo Di Nisio

Matteo is an ethical vegan with several years of experience in the kitchen, as well as in production for a pasta factory in Italy. Together with his skills, he's bringing along a contagious energy and a strong will to learn all the secrets of seitan making.

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Work as a Vegan Butcher

Work as a student
We regularly have openings for student jobs. What are the benefits?

  • Gain experience in a professional kitchen
  • Work flexible hours in a dynamic team
  • Learn about exciting vegan products
  • Work in an interesting start-up
  • Starting as a student opens up future possibilities
Requirements: living in Brussels and having a strong desire/interest to working with us.
Work as a fixed employee
Currently we have no open positions, but don't hesitate to send us your CV.

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