Vegan places to eat in Brussels

Vegan places to eat in Brussels

Brussels has a growing arsenal of fully vegan places to eat. Nowadays you can easily find vegan options in many restaurants, brasseries and cafés. Brussels is perhaps not the quintessential vegan ‘walhalla’, but it can compete with most European cities in terms of plant-based eateries. You won’t go hungry here!

As a Vegan Butcher we supply some of those places with our vegan meats. One thing is for sure: customers love it when they get tasty meat replacers with their dish. This is especially true for mixed groups: everyone can order plant-based meats, and meat won’t be missed. We give you a brief summary of some of the places we work with.

Chicago café – Chicago Trattoria

Nested near the picturesque Saint Cathérine and the Dansaert area, lies both Chicago café and Chicago Trattoria (Rue de Flandre). They really support the Vegan Butcher concept and believe in the quality of our products. That’s why we really love to work with them. They have always vegan options on the menu, and our vegan mozzarella and vegan chorizo is a fixed option at The Trattoria. They mean serious business with their authentic Valoriani pizza oven, you will have a hard time finding a better vegan pizza in Brussels.
The Chicago café has a menu that changes every six months or so, but once again they do a big effort to put vegan options on the menu. The place is mostly packed, being a very popular brunch spot. At the time of writing they offer a complete vegan brunch, which contains our vegan omelette, vegan bacon and a delicious cashew cheeseball. The go-to place when you are in a mixed group of vegans and non-vegans.

basils brussels vegan pizza


Another top location for scoring out-of-this world vegan pizza, and authentic Italian cuisine.
Located on Place de la Liberté, small but cosy Basils will take care of you. If you’re vegan, you can get a wide variety of choices. You might find Vegan Butcher chorizo, mozzarella, bacon, italian sausage and others. The place gets very good reviews, it’s a perfect spot to visit when you go to a concert at the ‘Cirque Royal’ which is close by. The place is small, so you better book in advance.

Lucifer Lives

The wonderful people of Lucifer Lives welcome you in their warm nest situated in Rue Haute, in the area of the ‘Marolles’, the place to be if you want to get some authentic Brussels’ vibe. It gets increasingly popular with tourists, but most of the crowd at Lucifer Lives are young people. It’s a perfect place to get a good coffee in Brussels, without being scared for getting cows’ milk in your latte. The coffee is served with a smile, and you can order food too. If you’re in, order a ‘hangover’ with Vegan Butcher’s bacon. There are delicious cakes, cookies and they do specials for Halloween and at other times of the year. A must-visit when you’re vegan and you’re visiting Brussels.


Co-founded by the former chef of the vegetarian restaurant Dolma (which is closed now), this place has ‘fast good’ with a creative touch. The focus is on Bao’s, a soft steamed rice bun filled with all kinds of veggies, tofu, falafel, and the ‘Blue seitan bao’ has the Vegan Butcher’s chicken in it, which is fried to deliciousness and topped off with a blue spirulina aïoli, which is the sorcery that Vincent has in his fingers. He truly cares for making tasty food, which is reflected in the effort he puts in his creations. He is very generous using organic ingredients and Lacto-fermented vegetables. You get a nice XL bao for a very sharp price. This place definitely deserves more kudos! (it’s located at Place Boniface in Ixelles)

bao with vegan meat


Brewdog is an international chain with dozens of locations in the UK, USA, and many other locations are popping up all over the world. In Brussels you can visit the Brewdog located close to the central station, which has you covered for any beer cravings. (they are originally a brewery) What we like of them is that they have made half of their menu vegan/vegetarian. Quite a move, considering the macho attitude of some beer lovers. With that in mind, you can get food for ‘bro’s and sistahs’: burgers by Beyond meat, vegan chicken burgers, and you can also find our Vegan Butchers’ bacon in the ‘bacon double cheese burger’. Every Monday they organise ‘Vegan Mondays’, with an attractive discount.
brewdog vegan

Les Nourritures Terrestres

If you live in Saint Gilles, the Parvis hosts this small but popular cantine which is vegetarian/vegan. They have a very dynamic menu, but the food is always fresh, and they focus on healthy food. They have the Goodfood label, a label for local and sustainable eateries.
They work with Vegan Butcher products on a regular basis.

Yuca Latina

A latin restaurant with vegetarian/vegan options. The menu is traditionally heavily meat based, but they do an effort not to disappoint the vegans. You can find some Vegan Butcher products like the chorizo in their menu.

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