A new milestone: the Vegan Butcher atelier

The Vegan Butcher has changed location! We are now operating from Schaarbeek, where we have purchased a large facility that was formerly a fish business. Talking about a milestone! At the same time, we celebrate  another milestone: our five year anniversary. 

A new chapter for our business

I know. The blog page on our website has been neglected over the last months. We just have been way too busy to write blog posts, that’s the honest truth. But we have great news to share with you: we have purchased an old fish business and transformed it into a vegan walhalla: The Vegan Butcher’s atelier. From here, we will build our business the next years. We’re now located in Schaarbeek, Brussels.

To celebrate all these wonderful changes, we organised an official opening party on Friday 14th of June 2024. It was a blast!

vegan butcher official opening party atelier
All photos on this page are by Tim Van den Brande

Full house

The official opening party was a huge success: we welcomed over 120 people, shared food and drinks with them, we talked for hours, we had just a very good time. Our team in the kitchen worked very hard to make sure all the bellies were filled with delicious vegan finger food. It rained compliments about how delicious it was. Mission accomplished!

The crowd was very diverse: family & friends, some of our very best clients, and people who supported the crowdfunding we launched. Thanks to the funds we received in that crowdfunding, we could do the necessary works the building needed.

vegan butcher official opening atelier

Five year anniversary

As I mentioned earlier, we also celebrated the 5 years existence of The Vegan Butcher. A time in which SO much has happened. We started small in a shared kitchen, from scratch. We learned, experimented, learned more, experimented more. A difficult time hit us when the COVID pandemic spread out across the globe. We had to radically change our business strategy. But it kept us constantly questioning ourselves: “What exactly do we want to do?

It was clear that as Vegan Butchers, we were always gonna make vegan meats and vegan cheeses. That’s our identity, our signature. But we like to do something with them: use them in dishes, prepare them so they can be enjoyed by people. That’s how we started doing plant-based catering.

vegan butcher official opening atelier

The love for vegan food

Federica Boddi and Benoit Van den Broeck, the two founders of The Vegan Butcher’s Choice, shared a few words with the crowd. Mostly words of gratitude, because without all of our wonderful clients we would simply not exist. Our core business is keeping our clients happy. It’s our mission to improve our catering offer, make more and better meat & cheese subsitutes, and do what we have always done: constantly try to do better, question ourselves, and focus on quality.

So our mindset hasn’t changed that much in those five years. It’s still us, doing the thing that we love. We are a bigger team now. We have been lucky to welcome people to the team that share the love for vegan food. Jeremy, Matteo and Theo have all improved their ninja force seitan making skills, processed endless batches of vegan meats, and finetuned their cooking expertise to make delicious vegan food.

vegan butcher official opening atelier

We look back on a fine evening with like-minded souls. There was a super-positive vibe, and it gave us energy we still surf on. 

We have a lot to be grateful for. Hard work has paid off, and we have a portfolio of happy clients. Still, a wise person knows that you cannot take anything for granted in this world. That’s why we will keep working hard to maintain the level we have reached. Who knows what the future will bring? 

We THANK AGAIN all those who have supported us in these past five years, who believed in us, and who trusted us to be our clients. 

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