Who doesn’t love vegan mozzarella?

Who doesn’t loooove vegan pizza?!

At The Vegan Butcher, we absolutely LOVE it. With two Italians on the team, however, we might be biased. If you say pizza, you can let your imagination go wild. There are all kinds of the wonder food. Thin, thick, Neapoletana, Romana, American style pizzas with a cheese-filled crust, sober pizzas with very few toppings, and bombastic ones loaded with vegetables.In Italy, many would do a ‘facepalm’ when seeing this ‘pizza madness’, or even get angry when you ‘desecrate’ the staple food. Certain things should be respected! Pineapple on pizza? You must be joking. What about cheese? That’s a whole other story.
vegan butcher mozzarella chicago pizzeria
Vegan butcher's mozzarella at Chicago Trattoria, Rue de Flandres, Brussels

Vegan mozzarella

When you think about pizza, you think about gooey, sticky cheese that stretches off your slice when you cut and eat it. Many start to salivate just thinking about it. At the Vegan Butcher, we always wanted to make tasty vegan cheese. Although officially we can’t call it by that name, our cheese is made of plants. So usually we call it ‘cheez’, as not to shock the sensitive souls. 😉

The auto-correct function on my computer is very stubborn though and keeps correcting it to ‘cheese’. Who am I to argue with technology?! We still live in the dark middle ages when it concerns opinions about vegan food: many still think vegan cheese is this flavourless, rubbery, bland stuff. Times are changing though, and more and more interesting cheese ‘alternatives’ are making their way to the market. Some good, some not so good.

So, let’s get to the interesting part: the food itself. At The Vegan Butcher, although more focused on the vegan ’meats’, we have a rather small range of cheeses. BUT, they’re tasty!

Our most ‘famous’ one, the vegan mozza is highly appreciated by our clients. The biggest amount of this product goes to our professional clients though. There are a few pizzeria’s and restaurants in Brussels who work with the ‘mozza’, as we call it. Among them there is Chicago Trattoria (Rue de Flandres) and Basils (Place de la Liberté) . You can enjoy their pizza-making skills and chose our vegan mozzarella + chorizo as toppings.

vegan butcher mozzarella basils brussels

Vegan blue cheese

Plant-a-pizza in Ghent uses our Blue Cheez on their Quattro Formaggio pizza. When in Ghent, definitely check it out. The blue has a strong, intense flavour and will leave you craving for more. If you dig cheese, this is most definitely a must-try.

On warm summer days you can also enjoy our mozzarella in a mediterranean salad. Also known as Caprese salad, you will need tasty tomatoes (not the ones grown in Belgium for sure!), add the vegan mozzarella in slices, fresh basil, olive oil and a bit of salt and voilà, you have a simple, yet very Italian dish.

vegan butcher blue cheese
Vegan Butcher's blue cheese, aged with Roqueforti bacteria

Where to buy?

Feeling inspired? Keep reading our blog to discover more about our collabs with horeca partners. Many more will follow! In the meanwhile, you can test our mozzarella yourself, and see what it’s all about. 🙂 Maybe when you’re lucky, you can score some blue cheese in our webshop too. Once in a while we have some for sale.

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