Saving animals' lives, one vegan meal at the time!


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With a degree in economics Federica’s mind is set on creating a successful business.

Federica moved to Belgium in 2014 and has been vegan ever since. After working several years for a number of European lobbies, she decided to capitalise on the knowledge she earned to follow her real dream.

Federica is a creative soul and believes her purpose in life is to give the world something authentic and pragmatic. Meeting Benoit was the turning point for her; inspired by his courage and strong ideals, she decided to leave behind her corporate job and to focus 100% on creating their own, unique project.

In her spare time, Federica loves painting and has earned a degree in Fine Art & Design. The illustrations you see on this website are indeed all conceived and designed by herself.

“Art and compassion are the drivers of my existence and creating vegan food is both a form of compassion (towards animals) and a form of art. I am ready to contribute to a vegan world by winning people’s heart with our delicious products!”


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Vegan for almost 20 years, it is safe to say half of Benoit’s life has been devoted to animals.

Benoit has volunteered and worked for various animal organisations and spearheaded several controversial undercover investigations, revealing the horror of slaughterhouses and factory farming in Belgium. Being an effective altruist with a pragmatic approach, Benoit realises the importance of changing people’s behaviour in the pursuit of a better world.

From this realization, together with a passion for cooking, an idea emerged. With the support and creativity of Federica they decided to offer vegan catering tailored to companies and individuals. Taste and quality had to come first, so that people can discover how delicious and varied vegan food can be.

The responses we receive from our customers give us great satisfaction. We are often told that even inveterate carnivores like our food very much. We know that thanks to our meals and products, there is a decrease of consumption of meat and other animal products, and that’s what it’s all about.