We present you with the story of OXY j’aime: a ‘Food-bike’ project launched by Nicola Vandeput. Nicola also sells the Vegan Butcher’s hot-dog sausage in a hotdog bun. On events like the Critical mass in Brussels the hotdog was a real hit and sold out in a few hours.

Nicolas came up with this crazy idea during the pandemic. His focus is mainly on local, high quality products made by artisans in Brussel. That’s why the Vegan Butcher products fit perfectly in his concept. He was really glad to have found us and his enthusiasm immediately pleased us. He thinks to push his concept to go fully plant-based in the future, so we’re really supportive of that.

Environmentalism and veganism come together wonderfully in this concept, and we really hope it will take off on a bigger scale!

The podcast host also mentioned that he tried the hotdog and the taste was really unbelievable. We’re happy our product please so many people, and we can deliver products that provide satisfaction in terms of taste and structure. Thank you Nicola for believing in us!

Credits go to The Podcast Factory Org ASBL-VZW

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