Create an unforgettable lunch experience with our unique, sustainable and plant-based catering

Finally you can order carefree! We satisfy everyone, with every diet.

Food connects us. Science has proven that humans make connections through sharing food. Be it by cooking a meal, or by sharing a lunch, any activity involving food is an opportunity to connect with peers!

We double down on this principle by offering a unique experience to your business. Plant-based meats are bound to spark interesting conversations and have people share their opinions. Combined with our constantly changing menu, we’ll transform your monotonous lunch break into a moment of sharing and connection.

3 features that make us AWESOME!

Ordering has never been easier

The Vegan Butcher makes plant-based eating super easy! Vegans, people with lactose-intolerance, muslims(halal), and even meat lovers can all enjoy the same meal and feel accounted for. We take care of everything so you can focus on what you love!

Join the sustainable food movement

There hasn’t been a point in history where sustainability was as crucial as it is now.  Your lunch break is the perfect moment for your business to start experimenting lowering its carbon footprint. Choosing for plant-based food is a big step in the right direction!

Quality Ingredients guaranteed

A new day starts with fresh ingredient guaranteeing quality for every catering. Furthermore, our meat substitutes are made from raw ingredients, by hand. This makes are foods non-refined, being way healthier (and tastier ) than grocery shop alternatives.

'All our preparations are 100% plant-based. That means that no ingredients of animal origin are used in our kitchen. Our food is safe for people with lactose intolerance, it is dairy-, fish- and egg-free, and halal.'

What our clients have to say about us

'We are ordering their delicious food since a few years already and we have never been disappointed. Our members and colleagues are always amazed! I can only highly recommend.'
Katharina Wiese
European Environmental Bureau
'We used the Vegan Butcher's Choice for our event for lunch and coffee for 65 people. The food was absolutely phenomenal , and really made the whole day that extra bit special. I highly recommend using their catering services, and we will definitely be using them again too!'
science for democracy
Saga Smith
Science For Democracy

'The best vegan catering in town! Federica, Benoit and their team are very friendly, do a great job and are changing the vegan scene in Brussels for the better!'
protection international
Carla Miranda
Protection International

View our catalog & get a free quotation

Give us a few details and we send you our catalog with a custom price quotation for your event!

Formulas, prices, and extra's

We have three different formulas in our catering offer. Each has its own price which depends on the complexity and quantity of your order. We charge between 13 and 30 euros per person, depending on your chosen formula.


Selection of finger food, perfect for a standing informal meeting.


Selection of finger food + salads, perfect for a meeting where there is more time to eat.


Selection of finger food + salads + warm food. Perfect for the full experience!

  • A dessert can be included in all formulas.
  • We can also provide coffee break formula’s.

Please note that the price can increase for extra services:

  • Porcelain plates, table cloth, napkins
  • Metal cutlery (forks, knives, etc), cups and glasses
  • Glutenfree options
  • Service on the spot
  • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Delivery outside of Brussels

You will receive our catalog with prices when you contact us.

Who we are in a nutshell

Four years ago Federica and Benoit started The Vegan Butcher. Their concept was an immediate success. Driven by a passion for food, they started implementing their artisanal vegan meats and cheeses in all sorts of recipes. The result is a truly unique catering style, a real plant-based meat experience!
The duo is animated by a clear mission: helping more and more companies to opt for a sustainable, plant-based catering. “Innovating and bringing new, exciting food to our clients is central to our mission” – Benoit Van den Broeck.

vegan butcher's choice


Refer our catering service to your company (or another one you know). If we get an order because of your recommendation, we will reward you with a box full of plant-based goodies!

At The Vegan Butcher’s Choice, we maximize the connecting effect by making sure everyone is accounted for in a unique culinary experience. Our foods are bound to spark conversation, trigger curiosity, and get people to bond over their shared meal.

Want to have this shared experience in your company? Successfully refer our catering services and receive a FREE Artisanal Plant-Based Meat Discovery Box for yourself!

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